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In the late 90’s, directory assistance costs began to rise dramatically. If outrageous fees weren’t enough, service levels diminished as voice recognition and off-shore call centers became standard operating procedure.

Directory assistance is all we do — which might explain why we do it so well.

Recognizing the need for a high-quality, sensibly-priced alternative, DAAmerica began helping businesses reduce expenses while increasing usability and accuracy. Our core offering, 100% live-operator directory assistance, could be summed up in a simple promise:

“You’ll always talk to a real person, right here in the USA.”

Today, we’re proud to meet the directory assistance needs of several Fortune 500 clients as well as many other enterprise and government entities.

Our biggest challenge is simply educating telecom managers, IT directors and CFO’s that they have a choice in directory assistance providers. Once they hear our service for themselves – the choice becomes crystal clear.

“We’ve used DAAmerica’s directory assistance services for years. I only wish my other vendors were as committed to excellence.”
— G. Paulson, Financial Industry CFO