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Telecom Audit Reveals Hidden 411 Fees.

Reducing directory assistance rates is an effective method of telecom cost control.
A telecom audit can save your company time, money and headaches.

A telecom audit is one of the best forms of utility auditing.  It can lead to many money-saving revelations: rates in need of adjustment, oversights in billing, expired contracts or service agreements, even phone lines that should have been disconnected years ago.

After deciding to conduct a telecom audit, the first question is always, “Do I perform the audit myself, or do I hire a telecom auditing firm to do it for me?”  In the vast majority of cases, the answer should be the latter — even if you have a telecom manger, IT director or CIO who is already familiar with your telecom accounts and contracts.  A fresh set of eyes reviewing your telecom statements can often find even more mistakes and ways to trim the fat from your monthly telecom budget.

There are many reputable telecom auditing companies from which to choose.  You’ll also be pleased to find that the rate structure they charge for their auditing services are often tied directly to the money they save your company.  In other words, they only get paid once they find errors, discrepancies or other ways to reduce your company’s monthly telecom expenses.

One area some telecom auditing firms overlook as a source for savings is directory assistance.  Instead of using the high-priced, inefficient 411 information service offered by your telecom provider, your company can easily switch to a cheaper, more reliable solution.

Be sure and tell whoever is conducting your telecom audit to follow these simple steps:

  1. Find out what you are currently paying for directory assistance.  It’s probably more than you think, since the major carriers like AT&T, Verizon and SBC are standardizing their rate structure at $1.50 and above.
  2. Get in touch with us here at DAAmerica and ask for a copy of our Service Agreement, which includes pricing.  We can easily reduce the rate you’re paying for directory assistance by 75%, which will go a long way in making sure your telecom audit pays dividends for years to come.
  3. After evaluating our live, USA-operator service for yourself, we’ll assign your company an exclusive toll-free number that rings directly into our directory assistance call centers.  This is how you’ll be able to bypass (dial around) your telecom provider’s more expensive 411 service.
  4. Your telecom manager or IT director can easily insert the toll-free number into your PBX system.  Whenever someone dials “411” or “AC-555-1212,” the PBX will know to route the call to the toll-free instead.  This process is instantaneous and totally transparent to the user.
  5. We’ll create a customized invoice that shows your directory assistance usage by location, the total amount you’ve saved for the month, as well as an annual savings projection.

Making low-cost, high-quality directory assistance a money-saving part of your telecom auditing process is easy.  For more information, please contact us today.