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Are your directory assistance rates comparable to the major carries like Verizon, BellSouth, SBC, Qwest, Sprint and AT&T?

Actually, they’re better — much better. We can easily reduce your directory assistance costs by 75% or more while actually improving the level of service you receive. Our simple, month-to-month Service Agreement contains all our pricing options, including volume discounts.

“With DAAmerica as our directory assistance provider, we get accurate listings and reinvest the savings back into our telecom infrastructure.”
— R. Myers, Healthcare Industry Telecom Director

Will my co-workers have to dial a different number for directory assistance calls?

Your PBX will be reprogrammed to dial our toll-free number instead, so the change will be completely invisible to the users. They will continue to dial “411” or “NPA-555-1212” for directory assistance listings. For locations without a PBX, the number can be put into a speed dial location (like position #411) to make it just as convenient.

How often are your directory assistance databases updated?

Our database is updated every 24 hours. Directory assistance listings come directly from the 7 Regional Bells in the United States and any independent, smaller providers throughout the country. They are fed nightly to our call centers, which perform 600,000 lookups every day. The database is routinely audited for accuracy by an independent firm and maintains a rating of 98% or above.

Do you block the “call completion” option on your directory assistance calls?

Yes. Accepting the call completion option at the end of a directory assistance call can add an additional 50¢ to the price of a call. Blocking that option is another way DAAmerica cuts directory assistance costs for you.

Do you invoice through the local carrier or provide a separate invoice?

Since we’re not affiliated with any carriers, we send a separate monthly invoice detailing directory assistance usage. This invoice can be customized to fit your needs, including breaking down usage by department or location.

How many listings can I request per call?

You may request two separate number listings in a single directory assistance call. And reverse directory assistance listings are provided at no additional charge.

Do you require a long-term contract?

No. As your directory assistance provider, a simple month-to-month agreement is all we require.

Are there monthly minimums, sign up or maintenance fees?

Our services are intended for business clients who make 100 or more directory assistance calls a month. Our pricing formula is simply “Rate x Calls = Total.” There are no hidden fees or additional charges.

Do you offer discounts for high-volume directory assistance users?

We certainly do. Please contact us for more information.

Can we still see a cost reduction even though we don’t use a PBX system?

Yes. There are several ways to take of advantage of our wholesale directory assistance rates even without a PBX system. Contact us for more details.

For additional questions regarding any of our directory assistance services, please contact us.