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Live-Operator Directory Assistance

Talk to a real person for less than half of what AT&T, Verizon and the other carriers charge you to talk to a computer.

With DAAmerica, you'll always talk to a real person -- never a computer.

Quick & Easy Cutover

Upgrading to high-quality, cost-effective directory assistance is simple. We’ll assign your company an exclusive toll-free number that rings directly into our call centers. Put the number in your PBX and whenever someone dials “411,” they’re routed to our toll-free instead. It’s totally transparent to the user.

No PBX; no problem. Your toll-free can be put into memory or dialed directly — even from cell phones. A process called “ANI screening” protects you from fraud or abuse.

Customized invoicing, which details usage by location or department, makes expense-tracking a snap.

“DAAmerica is the absolute best live-operator directory assistance alternative. We receive better service while actually saving $5,000 a month.”
— D. Johnston, Healthcare Industry CFO

How The Best Get Better

We constantly monitor three factors to insure your calls are handled by America’s best directory assistance operators:

1. Average Speed to Answer. With an industry-wide average of 6 seconds, our goal is to consistently beat that time even during peak periods of high-volume directory assistance usage. Over the past month, we achieved our goal 95% of the time.

rating-service2. Inquiry Fulfillment. This is based on the same sample pulled above, but measures how many callers’ directory assistance requests were successfully fulfilled. We are currently fulfilling 96.03% of all inquiries successfully.

3. Agent Quality. Using a 100-point scale, our directory assistance operators are evaluated in the areas of Customer Care and Fulfillment with an emphasis on meeting and exceeding customer expectations. Our operators’ current average rating is 98.65%.

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